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Please read policy agreements before contacting regarding booking a session. 

During Treatment

  1. I understand that therapeutic bodywork is not a substitute for traditional medical treatment or medications.

  2. I understand that the massage therapist does not diagnose illnesses or injury, or prescribe medications

  3. I have clearance from my physician to receive massage therapy

  4. I understand the risk associated with Massage Therapy, include, but not limited to:
    a. Superficial bruising                                  c. Exacerbation of undiscovered injury
    b. Short-term muscle soreness               d. Dizziness

  5. I understand the importance of informing my Massage Therapist of all medical conditions and medications I am taking, and to let the Massage Therapist of any changes to these. I understand that there may be additional risks based on my physical condition.

  6. I understand that it is my responsibility to inform the Massage Therapist of any discomfort I may experience or feel during the massage session so the therapist can adjust accordingly.

  7. I understand that I or the Massage Therapist can terminate the session at any time

Travel Policy

  1.  I understand if the Massage Therapist travels to me for the session I am subject to a travel fee depending on time duration and miles.

  2. I understand that there is a minimum travel fee of $20. If travel time exceeds 20 minutes round trip, fee will be increased.

  3. 15% gratuity will be included for all mobile services. 

Late Policy

  1. I understand that if I arrive 15 minutes late without notice to a session, the session will be subject to termination.

  2. I understand if I provide notice of a late arrival within 15 minutes of the start time, the session will be shortened or subject to be rescheduled.

  3. I understand that if I do not provide notice of cancelation before 24 hours of the session I am liable for a cancelation fee which is 50% of the service cost.

  4. I understand that if I do not show up to a scheduled session without notice, I will not be scheduled again for future appointments.


Zero Tolerance Policy

  1. I understand that Massage Therapy is safe, professional and therapeutic; focused on health and wellbeing. Therefore any sexual solicitation the police will be called and the session will be terminated immediately.

  2. I understand that draping is mandatory to ensure safety and protect my boundaries as well as the boundaries of the Massage Therapist.

  3. I understand that the Massage Therapist will respect my boundaries to keep a safe environment, and if I experience any discomfort during the massage session I will notify the therapist and can terminate the session at any time. I understand that I will also respect the boundaries of the Massage Therapist and they can also terminate the session at any time.​

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